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Why Focus Print


Focus Print® is an integrated printing and copying management system

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It helps to control the quantity, frequency and content of printed documents

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It counts the costs incurred by the printing and copying system


It generates the reports to improve the printing management process


Manages scanned documents, performs OCR


Full control

over users’ printing costs

Modern solution

to creating advanced reporting, printing and copying rules

Security and confidentiality

of information thanks to the use of modern encryption methods


the status of devices, consumables and meters

A module that manages

scanned documents with OCR to recognize the text layer and generate editable files

Mobile application

for tablets and mobile phones with Android and iOS systems

What makes us different

  • Universal print driver for all devices
  • Data encryption in all processes
  • Multilingual user and administrator panel
  • Web access to the application
  • Consumables storage and management module
  • Full integration with the main worldwide devices’ producers
  • Unique module to optimize print environment
  • Print processing based on XPS format
  • Print document backup and preview
  • System modular project ensuring high availability and scalability
  • Open application interface to make an easy development and modification

The system was delivered to:

Case studies


Focus Print® implementation at Urząd Miasta Wroclaw (City Hall)

Printing environment at Urząd Miasta, composed of single function printing devices did not have any tool to monitor and control the value and costs of printouts. IT department at Urząd Miasta did not have enoughmore