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Focus Print application enables to generate fast statistics related to each location and each area of organizational structure. There are available separate statistics for each location, floors, floor area, rooms as well as organizational structure. The system administrator receives very detailed reports for a given time interval, in a tabular or graphic format. The system will primarily advise the administrator on the usage of the average monthly volume for the device as well as on the usage of the double-sided printing and copying functions.

Independently, we are happy to create any defined report, at the time of an implementation and configuration.

Cyclic Tasks

One of the important Focus Print® functionality is to drive cyclic tasks in defined time intervals.

The time parameters can be changed in the system for the following tasks:

  • checking SNMP meters for managed printers
  • checking e mail accounts for mobile printouts
  • checking technical statuses of printers, registered in the system
  • technical tasks of general system maintenance
  • google Cloud Print account interval polling when the system is configured to work with this functionality
  • renew projects and users limits