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Focus Print® implementation at Urząd Miasta Wroclaw (City Hall)

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Printing environment at Urząd Miasta, composed of single function printing devices did not have any tool to monitor and control the value and costs of printouts. IT department at Urząd Miasta did not have proper knowledge or data to analyze this area, especially in the field of users’ needs, purchase planning and establishing the policy to manage printing environment for the nearest years.

Printing environment optimization started in 2009 while a detailed print and copy audit took place. The audit let to gain the knowledge about the volume of printouts, copies and costs. It helped to see the areas that gained the largest costs, overuses and fields that needed to be improved as soon as possible. In 2010, Focus Print® system that monitors printing environment was implemented. Thanks to this implementation, the IT department achieved the access to statistics and analysis and to the tools to project and plan changes. New procedures were started to manage this environment and plans to buy new printing devices.

As a result of taken activities in the printing territory, the investment expenses of buying new printing devices were significantly reduced and the printing machinery park was better used. The devices that were overloaded and underloaded were eliminated.

In the interest of Focus Print® implementation, Urząd Miasta obtained real financial savings in the printing area.

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