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Print Server

Focus Print® realizes the functionality of secured and follow me printouts. This solution ensures full control over users and devices connected to the system. Printing, copying, faxing, scanning is possible only when being authorized at a device. Depending on devices, a user after login on to the device can run individual profile on its panel. Thanks to that profile it is possible to manage work regarding printing, copying and scanning or faxing, depending on permissions. The user profile can be seen on every connected device. It gives a wide range to manage documents that are waiting to be printed as well as other needed work.

Focus Print® has got an unique functionality – it is a possibility to manage all printing parameters on devices panel. It is possible to finish started work on a different device. It is very helpful when during printing, the receipt of documents is not possible because of out of paper, out of tonner or device failure situation. When approaching an another device, the system will let print this document from the following page.

Very important feature of Focus Print® is its versatility that supports different manufacturers of printing devices. In case of many manufacturers in one printing environment, the devices panels differ from each other. Focus Print® can help with this situation where its application installed on a device panel (the agent) has approximate or almost identical appearance. The user can serve the panel intuitively, even when there are different manufacturers.